We are designers.

We are creators.

We take big ideas and package them into the environment you want to live and work in.

We are hardworking.

We value education and we are strong-willed.

We break the mold, while striving to be better than we are now.

We are Bundle It Home.

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I’m Dana Farrell, the Founder and CEO of Bundle It Home LTD. Welcome!

Every day, I get to work with amazing humans, push the boundaries of creativity, and design beautiful structures and spaces. There are NO RULES... within reason, and in accordance with building codes, of course! I’ve been designing with Bundle It Home for 2 years and am excited to expand the business to new clients and bigger spaces.

I am a designer and an architect in training, with more than 10 years of experience and projects in New York, Texas, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Atlanta. I have worked independently as well as collaborated with a range of professional architects and contractors. Most recently, I completed my real estate salesperson license in New York State, studying for the Architectural Boards, and finding cool new projects to grow the Bundle It Home business.

As an architectural professional I have worked hard to develop my own design philosophy -- the philosophy that is at the core of Bundle It Home. My practice is guided by finding out what my client truly wants or needs for their personal or work environment.

Want more Bundle? Check out the blog to learn more about me and why I created Bundle It Home. Connect with me about design projects, architecture, music (I sing too!) or anything else…


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