happy home = smile

Have you ever asked yourself when I walk into my home how does it make me feel? Would I pay attention to the color of the walls if they were painted my favorite color? Would it even matter if I saw the artwork I bought on an epic vacation? Or is it simply dropping your stuff, opening the refrigerator and crashing on the couch.

You may think why would I want to spend so much time thinking about how the walls make me feel? Spending money to make my home a place that brings me joy? Should I really care about what lamp I choose, does it really have to match anything? It gives me light, isn't that enough! How about that media console for the sweet TV I have? What about making an area your reading space, you have the room?

Well you should care and I'll tell you why. 

It's amazing when you allow yourself to be one within your own environment. That's a little deep I know, but it's more about knowing that you've allowed yourself to create a space within your home that's yours. Creating a new home or modifying your existing home with a renovation is something we all think about but have you asked yourself how would it change my living or family environment? Adding those touches of yourself within your home, giving back to a space or the whole home because you've worked hard for it and in turn let it support you.

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