Have you ever watched HGTV? If you have found your way to this blog and continue to read it firstly thank you and secondly of course you’ve watched HGTV.

I’m sure you get tired seeing how much the total cost is at the end of every show. As much as you get excited about watching the show your thoughts and ideas start to spin thinking about tearing down your own walls, re-doing your kitchen or starting your house hunt with the perfect house in mind. I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s everyone watching these shows but I get excited about it. The potential of what’s to come and how everyone takes their design to a new level that’s perfect for them but it can be overwhelming.

A few examples of high-end designed interiors

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I start to development some anxiety of can I afford this type of renovation or the purchasing of my dream home? I keep thinking I’m not the only one that feels this way at times. It’s then I start to backtrack and I look between the walls and not just taking a hammer to it. Let's take HGTV and make it DIY. What can we do if our budget doesn’t afford us to re-do our kitchen or start looking for our dream home right now. Start small and find those little things that not only change the existing conditions but also adds value, not just any value but a happiness value!

You should love your home and all the individual spaces and rooms it has. I mean it does keep you safe and warm! I wanted to show a few DIY options that everyone can do.



Change up our existing paint color with something bright, different and fresh ( color name appears when image is selected) don't forget the ceiling. A fresh coat or change of color will surely make it feel new!



Wanting new kitchen cabinets can be expensive so taking the time to re-paint and adding new knobs can make a huge change to your home. Even adding some new wallpaper or backsplash between the counter  and cabinets can completely change the look!


Flee markets, garage sales, and estate sales can be a great way of finding home items that can be affordable. Do you need a new set of chairs, a bedroom chest or some artwork to fill your blank walls? Why don't you pair different pieces of artwork to tell a story, before you know it your blank wall is all filled up. ( photo credit internet)