Color Me in Blue!

We all have a place where we like to sit and relax. Often most times it is not the living room or kitchen. It is a quiet area filled with your precious knick-knacks, a stack of books and family photos.

Sometimes we don’t have that extra room but we crave it. An area to drink our coffee, dive into a good book or have a stiff drink and talk. I am sharing a few ideas on how to make your own sitting room, you so desperately crave. I wanted to use the color blue because it has the instant feeling of calmness and relaxation.


Would you add BLUE to your sitting room?

The furniture and accessories can be found in the links below.

Blue Lagoon Curtains

Darling Artwork

Alia Leather Lamp

Kimberly Lewis Home Wallpaper

Parlour Chair

Ellington Media Console