Fill Your Home With Love!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. How can that be? On Valentine’s day I’ve always been one to say “you should celebrate love every day, it shouldn’t just be one day”. I need to confess. I secretly think Valentine’s day should be adored. Not just for the fresh flowers but the beauty of how people can make you feel. It’s like having a little ice cream every day and then you get the whole sundae. I know when I was little getting chocolates from my father and grandfather sweetened the deal, but I looked forward to their cards. Sometimes we can’t express how we feel and for Valentine’s Day the sweetest card can go a very long way. Fast forward a bunch of years to the present thinking about filling your home, apartment or office with some love and getting into the spirit. The color red is so bold and hands down a huge statement when you walk into any space. I decided to pair a few items that are in the pink family to offset how red can be soften and actually be added to your home without feeling like it is too overpowering.

I love adding pops of color that aren’t typically in my living room or around my house during these special occasions. You can guess that I don’t have a ton of red so what better way than to add some before February 14th rolls around! Being able to pair custom furniture and inexpensive pillows or accents makes me swoon with happiness! Whether you are having a lovely dinner with your partner, getting whisked away, making plans with girlfriends or spending the evening at home. There is no better way than showing yourself some love by seeing it or giving an adorable house gift to a loved one or friend.

You can find all this lovely furniture and accessory pieces in the links below.

 Now go ahead and celebrate love! xo Dana