Derby Day and That Dress

Kentucky Derby Day did not disappoint this year. It was my first time celebrating at Saratoga National for their "On The Rails" Party. With the weather being so unpredictable these days we found a fantastic spot by the fire pit before the skies opened up, luckily it was after the race. Once you passed through the entrance gates you found yourself driving along both sides of the course towards the Country Club. I could just see how beautifully manicured the greens are and the smell of fresh cut grass is heavenly. The rain sure does make the grass grow! I had a small chat with the golf guys jokingly telling them I was heading towards the course, even though I had 3" heels on. If I had my clubs you bet I would have, I mean who needs shoes?! Haha

I was early meeting friends so I took full advantage and checked out the venue and accessed this beautiful building. As I stood underneath the stone carport grasping the size of the columns. The curved openings extending from the entrance and the private terrace above was a sight to see. I just stared at the grand wood doors dreaming of having them as my home entrance one day. The exterior facade consisted of a stone water table, larger overside windows, exterior shakes and oversized trim.

The event was on the lower level that had a series of stone tiers for different entertaining that would typically be lined with outdoor seating and oversized umbrellas. When you opened the grand doors you were welcomed with a left sided flanking staircase leading to the 2nd floor. The wood railings protected the three curved openings allowing you to see a glimpse of the rooms above. The lobby typically has perfectly placed furniture and tables turned into a wide open space preparing for the crowds of people that would be filling the space for the next 6 hours. As I walked through the main lobby I could hear my heels hit the tile floor before stepping on to the ornate carpet. The main bar to the left and low cocktail tables with club chairs to the right, in the back you could see the formal restaurant filling up with dinner reservations. As I headed out to the covered stone terrace I had the choice of which outdoor bar I would get my free fancy cocktail. Can you guess what I got? Check back on the previous post and you'll surely be able to find out. It was delicious and after getting over a cold it was exactly what I wanted and needed! 

A few more stone steps down and a walkway is where we picked our spot, by the fire-pit remember. I don't know how we got so lucky but we did. Before we got the party started we had to get our fashion documented. Spending the day with all my fabulous stylish friends I could not help but share all of our details that cultivated our Derby Day.  I can't say enough wonderful things about these sweet girlfriends of mine, their husbands and their charming friends. If I could sum up the day it would be contagious laughter until the night ended. 

My dress for the day was my very first purchase from lulus and I couldn't have been happier. I've been going back and forth on some design dilemmas. I am such a conceptual designer to start so I was trying to find the missing piece for some house renovations. I was struggling with re-painting my walls in the house, or adding decal wallpaper or maybe even changing up my style for something totally different. It all made sense when I purchased my dress for this event. You are probably thinking what on earth does this have to do with Derby Day. The dress I wore was the perfect inspiration I needed. The feminine flower print, the oversized bow draped down my back, the dramatic colors on a white canvas I couldn't wait to wear it. Before I purchased the dress I was working on a spring color concept for my "IT COLORS" going into fall and sure enough these colors are in the dress. Seriously. How crazy is that? 





All the details from the event below. I almost forgot. How perfect that "Always Dreaming" won. I don't know about you, but I took that as a sign! 

Happy Everything,




Exterior Building Photos [ Saratoga Golf Course Website]