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I had the pleasure to work for some great clients that wanted to transform their three-seasons room into a livable space where they could kick back and enjoy the good life with their adorable baby girl. We met on a beautiful Sunday morning as I presented options for their new oasis and 5 weeks later we completed the project with great success. Before we started we were faced with some design challenges as the room was roughly 8’ X 15’ with a door off the kitchen and the ability to maximize the space as much as possible. 

The clients requested an area to lounge, play area for their daughter and a café area for drinks and snack as the grill and hot tub were just feet away from the screened in room. This room was so close to nature you could see the pollen and other creatures on the window screens. I looked for furniture that was indoor/outdoor that could easily be washed down and the ability for the cushions to be removed. The size of the sofa was so crucial as we only had 8’ to work with. I was able to find the sofa after going thru so many options that we loved but were too big by just a few inches (sounds silly but we were definitely working with inches).

As a designer finding the perfect fit for furniture not only for the style but for the space makes a huge difference. Looking at the finished space you would never have guessed it be so narrow. It looks so much bigger just by adding a few items. We strive for this at Bundle It Home. You do not need a lot of items but what you need is function and purpose. 

I was able to find the perfect rug that gave the clients a little pop of color without going to extreme. It was so fun working with them, they both liked their own style but it gave me a challenge to showcase some color ( which I love) while still adding the natural tones that they enjoyed. In the end the goal is to always agree together.

I am so excited for my clients as they enjoy their new space as a family. Cheers to many memories and a few cocktails. A few photos are below. Enjoy! 

If you are looking for a design, please contact us here. We were able to use the bundle “IT” package as a basis and couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome! 

Happy Everything!

Before Photos

Sofa| Joss and Main 

Bar Set| Wayfair

Outdoor Rug| Huck Finn [ w/ custom binding]

Home Decor Accents:

Picture Frame, Glasses, Candle, Pillows | HomeGoods


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