feck perfection

As I waited for my oil change I stared at my computer screen reviewing a set of structural drawings. My mind was completely going in circles. I see my future business and where I want it to be but it is like a thousand swirly lines that make my mind race, heart beat faster and feelings of panic. I get distracted looking at the magazines on the table, blank staring at them. Did you know they have the best magazines! Perfect for a 30 something women waiting for the mechanic to say “All set $21.99 please”. I picked up this entrepreneur magazine. I had never seen it before. I flipped and flipped, most of the articles were over my head, some interesting facts but nothing was sinking in. I skipped to the last page. If you haven’t figured it out the last page of a magazine is usually the best page! Maybe that’s just me. I start to read this quote. Holy Crap! I swear it’s written just for me. Seriously… what perfect timing! Every word from this quote resonated with me. “Perfection is the death of creativity. It lacks spontaneity and assumed certainty closed tight in its search for one “right” answer. Your timing will never be right and you will always be a little wrong. Feck Perfection you know what’s better than perfect? DONE. Done is better than perfect.” James Victore

Thanks James Victore that sure put a mark on my future endeavors!