office zen

I recently decided to redesign my office that replaced the brightly colored walls with a rosy pink palette and a single stripe of blue-gray paint. I still called this my office when I first moved in, but it doubled as a music room. It had chalkboard paint on the walls, my piano, my guitar and black shelfs for accessories I wasn’t ready to get rid of. That went out the window when I decided to purge everything one day and nicely wrote free stuff and placed it all on my street. Hoping my old design furniture would be someone’s treasure.  I wanted to create an area that design-wise was different than any room in my house. As I explore with writing this blog, I will start to showcase more rooms in my home that encompass my love of bright colors, multiple prints and accessories that make you question the story behind them. I didn’t want to limit myself as a designer with just showing you one style because its few and far between that would truly have the colors that I would have in my home. With my new office and my future of bundleithome I wanted this room to be filled with design magazines, interior samples and when I walked in, it felt Zen.

When I finalized the color of the room I decided to drag my wood desk out to the yard and spray paint it white. After some sanding and a few bottles of paint I finally covered it and was on a mission to find a desk chair. I decided on a single armless tall back chair from home goods. I bought a few rugs to add some depth but because I already have carpet in there I decided that it was better without. I wanted to add a sitting chair and a rack of magazines. As I continually flag pages and place sticky notes for a design project or inspiration. The sitting chair I placed in the room was from my living room. I had to take down the door, turn it on its side and pray that it would go through. I think if I decide to move it again, I may need some help. I was able to find a bookcase that could easy showcase my architecture books and catalogs. I don’t typically print a lot but when I do I would always have to bring out the printer, plug it in and find a place to sit. With the bookcase I placed it on top, design wise it doesn’t go, but functionally it’s exactly what I needed. I’ve played around with adding some accessories to my desk. If I’m working in there I always end up placing a coaster with a glass of water. If I had the choice I wouldn’t have any window treatments or blinds. But I am close to my neighbors so privacy is a good thing. I decided to go with a silver-gray sheer so I was able to find a happy medium between privacy and openness. Plus the sheers plays well with the rosy walls and the sitting chair. 

My wall behind my chair is where I decided to add a stripe of a paint running down the wall. I was working on a law firm and in one of their previous offices they had these strips. I just loved it, plus buying a $5.00 sample paint is all you need and a straight edge with painters tape. I wanted to create a wall focused on feminine artwork and empowerment that would cover parts of the painted stripe. I came across the flower print months prior to doing my office over and I knew I wanted it. When it was time to start looking it was still in the store. Sold. I added a few other prints and I keep exploring to find the perfect ones that represent me and my company. Almost 10 years after graduating college my mother so kindly surprised me with my framed diploma. She knew of my redesign and asked for my color concept and I decided to place this above my sitting chair. It nice to walk in and see your college diploma, you forget sometimes how far you’ve come and that there is no stopping now.

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