Staging for Friendsgiving

So it has been a minute. My apologies. I assure you it is worth the time-lapse. Make sure to check out Instagram and Twitter feeds for some of my personal designs! @bundleithome

I thought I’d step away from a custom design project and talk about staging for a holiday event. Staging is used in every situation we come across. It can be staging your home on a daily basis. Look at your office where everything is perfectly placed to start your day. Walking into the grocery store or even a boutique shop where items are placed to draw you in. We are completely surrounded by staging especially when looking to buy or sell a home or an apartment for rent. We have even seen it in stores, for example. Who hasn’t seen an IKEA store? The visual of seeing objects furniture and color all together allows people to understand and frankly place themselves in that environment.

Bundleithome recently hosted a Friends-Giving and the biggest accomplishment was…yes the turkey but making the home feel perfectly staged for my guests and my soul. As a designer, my home represents my passion, the details of where the record player is placed, the staging of the presentation table, what rug to place where. I relocated furniture, chairs and switched out artwork for wreaths and a cute hand-made sign as I welcomed friends and family.  I dimmed the lights, lite candles and had a children’s play-area.

I knew I would have about 18 people and children in my home. Now, my home is not very large but the layout is extremely welcoming for parties because it flows from kitchen to dining to living room. With the kitchen appliances away from the high traffic area it allows for cooking, cleaning and preparing meals so much easier. This allows guests to hang out at the island and not ever feel “in the way”. One of the biggest purchases I love to buy before having guests is having fresh flowers throughout the house. I place them on the kitchen windowsill, on the table, near the bar and in the bathrooms. Basically anywhere I can find a place I will. A few years back I purchased a table from a local design shop, I had eyed it the 1st time I walked in. It was the owner’s worktable and her husband built it. It’s a 30”x 96” wood table (3 planks) supported by plumbing pipes. It has marks; grooves, dried paint, glue and everything else that makes the table tell a story. I decided to push it against the wall and stage everything I could on there for a welcoming, modern, personal thanksgiving design. We pre-heated the food and placed for serving. Aside from this joyous occasion of welcoming people into my home, I had to cook my 1st turkey. After 6 hours of cooking, basting the turkey on the hour. The red popper did its job and the presentation of the golden turkey, stuffed vegetables, and seasoned with fresh rosemary. It looked like design to me. The rule of Friends-Giving was that whomever is invite would need to make a side to go with the turkey. Previously for a week I sent emails and we all confirmed who was going to bring what. Take a look at my day in photos and have a wonderful, safe, thankful Thanksgiving meal.