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Lighting is such a huge part of designing any space. It can affect your productivity and can provide amazing aesthetics. When I work with clients they always surprise me when they show me the fixtures they would like to use. The fixtures that they selected typically are not entirely in our design direction. I’m always puzzled on why this happens?  I’ve started to dig a little deeper on why my clients have such personal opinions on lighting. I decided it’s simple. We look at a fixture with a light thru different eyes. Fixtures affect how the light is perceived by different people. The bulb that shines bright has different shapes, sizes and styles. Are you looking for an LED light, a fluorescent light, an indirect light, prismatic or parabolic light. These are just to name a few. So you can see when selecting lighting it is such a huge deal. Being able to work closely with the client and guide them towards their design intent but allowing them to select lighting that works the best for them is ideal.

A few comments I typically get are. Does it fit with the style? Is it too big? Will it give me enough light?  There are two different types of lighting fixtures that I break down with clients. I explain that you have decorative and you have functional. If you just want decorative, those lights should indeed provide enough lighting for your space or surrounding areas. If we are talking a medical office building for example, the lighting in each exam room vs. the waiting rooms are completely different which is to master the function of the space. I could write a really long post about the specifics of lighting levels.  But I figured why don’t I just show you the some lighting I’ve used lately and have gotten totally inspired by.  If you click on the links you can order yourself one, don’t forget to let Bundle It Home know if you do. We want everyone to get Bright!


1| Wayfair

2| Wayfair

3| Pottery Barn

4| West Elm

5| Pottery Barn

6| Wayfair

7| Wayfair

8| West Elm

9| Pottery Barn

10| One Kings Lane

11| One Kings Lane

12| West Elm

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