Break The Mold in 2017

Can you believe 2017 is already here?!

WOW. How are we already four days in; and why do the days just seem to fly by? I imagine everyone is thinking the same thing: We wait 365 days for the NEW YEAR and like poof, its already over. Looking back, like many people do, we can reminisce of 2016 and all that it had for us. However, its 2017 and time to look forward. Accordingly, I wanted to come up with a motto for this year: a power phrase. I wanted something that encompasses my professional and personal life and I’ve always talked about breaking the mold in business and how I design. The more I break it down I’ve realized that this statement really does impact my personal life in so many ways. If you believe in breaking the mold, I think 2017 is going to be your year. I know it’s going to be mine!

When I started this blog a few months back it was to talk about my thoughts on design and to introduce the many projects that I’ve done this past year.  It has geared me up to introducing you when the time is right what my company strives to represent.  As I keep adding more projects and design inspiration from my past. I also wanted to get a little personal on how this year has affected my personal life and pushed me to follow my passion. When you spend a lot of your years working on your profession, taking any job you can get just so you can put money in the bank, knowing that it is for your future. The result is that you tend to put your future self on the “backburner.” You focus so much “on the job at hand” instead of what the job means to you regarding your future growth of where you always wanted to be. BUT this year has been a journey of letting go, putting my fears aside, and taking baby steps towards starting a company. Falling in love, making mistakes, being completely heartbroken, finding the silver lining, being completely overwhelmed where at times I just froze, not asking for what I want or need, ignoring my intuition, and other times following my intuition. It has truly been a year of growth and self awareness that has pushed me on a deeper level than ever before. I have always been a dreamer, a believer, and someone that works extremely hard for so many things EXCEPT for the one thing I wanted the most. That all changed in 2016. And all came down to following my heart. Following my heart towards Bundle It Home.

Bundle It Home is my journey of working towards my ultimate goal of breaking the mold and designing buildings and spaces while connecting and understanding the client’s needs on a personal level. I feel like it’s been 10 years in the making after taking an architectural course in college. The design was to create a space using the science work “refraction.” As a young 20 year old, I painfully analyzed every definition of the work “refraction.” I broke it down with how we as humans are impacted by our environment. That can be further broken down into design terms as what style, colors or needs they want and how it ultimate affects their lifestyle and personal emotions. It amazes me that as much my professor, visiting architects, and designers didn’t believe my definition wholeheartedly, and even my final critic ended with me in tears, I for some reason have kept that word with me for many years. Fittingly, it is now encompassing parts of my philosophy and goal of Bundle It Home.

I wanted to recap some of the amazing projects I was able to put together, design, and create while starting Bundle It Home. It has come a long way from filing paperwork just 11 months ago. Although there are still many baby steps to be had, I can fully ensure that Bundle It Home will break the mold in 2017.

Thank you to my many friends, my kind family and clients who have supported me thus far. You have encouraged me and embraced me on this journey. I hope you all find yourself breaking the mold in your own world with the wonderful new start that is given to us each year And, hey, maybe with some really cool designs in 2017.

[featured photo from The Sweetest Occassion]