Welcome to my Holiday Home!

As I sit down to write this post. I look around at my home decorated with holiday items that I love. I changed it up this year. I simplified the decorations with a few here and there. I placed the christmas tree in front of the windows with just silver christmas balls, white lights and garland. As I look behind my couch I can see the small second tree hidden in the corner. It is slowly filling up with ornaments from my worldly travels. I’ve always wanted a tree that represents what traveling means to me.

If we put away the tree, the decorations, the delicious food and yummy desserts. I can not deny how thankful I am for this years blessings. I want to make it known that life is never easy at times nor does it seem fair. If we try to surround ourselves with hope, peace, and grace. Life does workout in wonderful ways, sometimes when we least expect it.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season. Please enjoy some photos of my holiday home decor.