Men! Where do we Start? 10 Items you should have in your home.

As a designer I get to see lots of apartments and houses. The biggest issue that comes with talking to men about design is that they don’t have the slightest clue. Walking into a home, owned by a man is usually an instant design job. I’ll tell you why…There are old couches, random art work, no headboard and well it is just a cluster of whatever their parents gave them. As a female and a designer I can see the potential instantly.

I am sure women can relate to this at some point in their dating life. You meet them at their place.  You are eager to check off boxes you have up in that brain of yours.

They own a house. Check. 

They seem to be responsible. Check. 

They even have tenants. Double Check.

They can pay for a mortgage. Check. 

Then you walk up the stairs and the artwork is as old as your great great grandmother… rest in peace. The couch… lord please hope you don’t ever use a black light?! I don’t think they own a comforter or a nightstand!

Now, I know this may not be every man but it is more common than not. We as women go to home goods and buy decorator items online and spend a little bit of our hard earned money to make our own home or space to our liking. I believe and by asking men more questions about design that they truly just do not know where to start. So for them booze and drinks on a Saturday is more ideal then going and finding a lamp or even attempting to look online for some new furniture.  I thought I would continue my good morning breakfast post with some male decorating items. During the holiday season we are always on the hunt for the perfect gift so why not give a gift of what men should want.. design speaking! 

My top 10 items that men should be drooling over as much as women do!

1| Hudson Industrial Desk Lamp

2|Mid-Century Bar Cart

3| L.A. Modern Coffee Table Book

4| Boll & Branch Sheets

5| The Glencairn Whiskey Glass

6| Wood Barn Door Storage Stand

7| Mercury Row Coat Rack

8| Sven Cascadia Blue Chair

9| ’85 Diesel Candle

10| Personalized Mixtape Doormat

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