Good Morning Breakfast

Men! This is for you. Do you want to impress a woman? Make her breakfast in your swanky kitchen, letting her lounge on the leather couch, curled up in the throw blanket? Women don’t we just love men when they impress us with these romantic gestures and make us feel like we are the best since sliced bread? But Men, women also love a man that can clean, cook and showcase their apartment! Men, I’ve got a few tips for you that will woo that girl to compliment you more than you know!

  • Add a few moments of your past, a picture frame, even an athlete’s medal
  • Have a favorite pastime book or or a good read that sparks your interest? A good coffee table with coasters (a good place for morning coffee…wink wink)
  • A good clean bedroom, nightstand lamp, a throw pillow and a good mirror ( for when we look at ourselves before you wake up)

Get your women to run back to her girlfriends and say, “his place is amazing, I was asking where he got his stuff”. Get her wondering if you took that photo or found it in the basement “free” bin.  Wanting her to ask about what some of your accessories mean, if you can really play that guitar in the corner.

I’m not saying this is what captivates women but it’ll surely make her want her to stay in just a little bit longer.

A few inspirational images

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