My Coffee Tour Thru Louisville- Quills Coffee!

Let's start with how I spent two weeks in Louisville, Kentucky. Of those two weeks, 12 of those days I bounced around to some pretty cool coffee shops in the area. I did make a pit stop to drink some beer and do some work outside on a patio, but got totally sidetrack and talked with some pretty cool guys from Boston. We shared the same thoughts about Louisville while watching a St. Patrick's Day pub crawl. To bad those drunk kids couldn't throw us some sweet swag. They ended up telling me they have one month down and two months to go and were fading fast on what else to do. When they told me they planned a trip to Nashville for the weekend. I almost said... can I come? We shared our explorations and wished each other well! 

My coffee tour started out by googling " the coolest coffee shops in Louisville" and the first one that popped up was Quills Coffee. I think I got there mid-morning, grab myself a cappuccino and got to work. The work was launching the new website. Take a look. After a few days I got familiar with Baxter Ave. which was the main avenue that connected me to a couple of shops I spent most of my time at. This part of Baxter Ave. was known as the Highlands Neighborhood. Driving along you have the Red X's and Green Arrows for the traffic availability. Lots of bars, restaurants, head shops and boutiques. I made friends with the employees and a few locals. Even the parking was a bonus because it was free until 4pm everyday, except for downtown during business hours.

My first impression of Quills was I just loved the front window seats. When you find yourself at a coffee shop and it's too cold to sit outside. The next best option is being able to see outside and work at the same time. It is a total bonus. After my computer battery was loosing juice I found my way to a small table with one side being a really long church pew. The best part was that there was power at every seat. You wouldn't believe how many coffee shops have barely any outlets. Along the back wall there were sections and column bumps outs that the owners kept the existing brick. When you walked along the street you could see if through the large windows, giving it such great character. The design was clean and open with a staircase to the left of the entrance. The wood floor was refinished nicely and the structural columns looked to be stained to match various shades of wood in the shop. A few single sleek glass pendants provided additional light over a few large table settings and the ordering counter. The chairs were simple silver metal and exactly the ones I'm planning to use for a project this spring. The cappuccino I ordered was rich and had a strong taste and served in this sweet white cup. I decided the next trip I made I would try something different. I did have a chai latte with almond milk twice and it was delicious.

The ordering countertop looked to be black quartz ( I'm making an assumption) and the face was white subway tile with a darker grout. The back wall was a masculine blue-green paint with a few tiers of wood shelving displaying their products and goods. I went to this coffee shop three times and each time it was at a different hour of the day and a totally different experience. In which I really enjoyed. I can't help but ease drop or see what the other professionals are working on. At one point a women next to me must have been guiding her client on some website designing, while I was on live chat with square space doing the same thing. Funny how that works out. Now for a few photos below. Next coffee shop will be posted tomorrow. Don't miss it! 

I decided to split my coffee tour in a few blog posts so you'll get a few more after this. I would love to hear your thoughts on what coffee shop you would stop at first. 

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xo Dana