My Coffee Tour Thru Louisville

My next adventure took me to Sunergos Coffee off of Preston Ave. I was able to do a little exploring as I dipped in an out of The University of Louisville before parking on the street. This particular coffee shop was more of a chill vibe. It had unmatched tables and chairs scattered throughout the shop in no particular order. Bookcases filled with board games and random books. I walked in and noticed two gentlemen playing a very serious game of chests. I found a good spot right in the middle of the room before I had to hunt for an outlet a few hours later. I grabbed myself a iced coffee with some decaf and chatted a bit with the two people at the counter. They were super nice and excited that I was touring coffee shops on my visit. I also told them why a New Yorker was in Louisville and we became fast friends! I asked if I could snap some photos which you'll see below. I picked this coffee shop because it was the 1st one the owners opened and I was totally intrigued by the back room. I guess it's a thing now to host public coffee classes and the art work was incredible. I realized that most of the coffee shops I went to, have a few locations throughout Louisville and even have made there way into Indiana. Which I heard wasn't to far from, a couple lights and towns over. As I've taken great joy in exploring coffee shops the more I'm realizing that coffee shops are a thing, much like tasting rooms for booze. I had no idea! 

I think there is a patio in the back, but I was way to busy getting my website set up that I don't think I moved for hours. I did grab myself a delicious pound cake. I also found out that Please and Thank you makes them. But I'll get to that in the next post. I think it's great that all the shops work together and support each other in different ways. I did make friends with this guy next to me who was making my coding issues seem slightly minor. As he explained that he was learning to code, with the 5" thick book next to him. Ha. I was like "Thank God to Square Space, Word Press, NameCheap, MailChimp and my friend Zoe or I wouldn't have had the confidence to design my own website and blog". I enjoy making "friends" for the those small breaks, simple chats and for someone to watch your stuff when you have to use the restroom. Plus we are all there, a little bit out of our comfort zone getting it done. I think for me talking with someone that's working for a bigger goal such as myself, keeps everything in perspective. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Right?!

I decided to head back to this same coffee shop after going to check out there location on Woodlawn Ave. I did a drive by and never went in. I guess I really liked the shop at Preston Ave. I was back two days later. Haha. When I walked in for the 2nd time the same girl behind the counter shouted " You're back" it was a good fit for the days I spent there. I totally forgot to talk about the coffee. It was good, reasonably priced and I'm pretty sure strong. 

Last Stop on the coffee train is Please and Thank you.

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xo Dana