My Coffee Tour Thru Louisville

The last coffee shop I wanted to tell you all about was Please and Thank You off of Frankfort Ave. It was delicious. I even took my sister the very next day. I decided on a speciality coffee with almond milk, cinnamon and honey. It was the perfect treat. It was the right amount of flavor wrapped into an adorable cup. I decided to order a small snack for lunch before I began working. I had a yummy egg, fresh mozzarella and tomato on toasted herb focaccia bread and a small dollop of sriracha sauce on the side. I was absolutely in the right spot for the day. I can remember the light shinning thru the huge storefront windows on the crisp Saturday morning. I prayed a lot that day, for the confidence of moving forward to the many things deep down in my soul. As a designer, I dig deep in my design. I find the route of what makes my client tick and well me too. Creating beautiful spaces can be really confusing and extremely challenging in the beginning with red mark-ups for days. But when that finished design is completed you seem to forget all about those issues. It's such a thrilling feeling knowing that everyone is happy and the project was a success. 

I heard from a friend that Please and Thank you has the best chocolate chip cookies around. They did not disappoint. As I explored each of the coffee shops, I wanted a different vibe for each one. I made a criteria for myself that went along the lines of a comfortable spot to work for a full day, if I could see outside (even better), different coffee options with a snack or sweets and a person or two to have a conversation with. At Please and Thank you, I got all of that. My sister and I even bought T-shirts to prove it. I'll remember to take a photo when I wear it again.

I was able to find a cozy spot by the large storefront windows and bar height countertop. The stools even had backs, such a great bonus. I sat next to this guy named Parker. We actually had a bunch of stuff in common. It was really great to take a break and have such a creative conversation. Parker is working on his Masters in Fine Arts and was endlessly writing poetry for his Monday class. He also happened to tell me he is a musician and played for the 1st time in awhile, just the night before. I basically told him I was getting so excited to play out again, what many of you don't know is singing is a huge part of my life. I thanked him for getting me excited about focusing on growing my business and fighting for what you want. Parker was born and raised in Kentucky and he gave me some great locations to explore, walk, run and get inspired. I was even able to cross of a few of them before heading back to New York.

I reserved this day to be about drawing. I decided to work on a clients house that day which got me in more inspired being in this coffee shop. My clients house is a full renovation and addition. It has been challenging to fit what we'd like in the existing cape footprint but also maximizing the open floor concept in the new addition. The coffee shop was small but had crazy loud music, exposed brick, and curved wood shelving for products that tied in the structural column. It allowed for those creative juices to flow as you jammed out to the music blaring.

I mentioned above that I took my sister to the shop the next day. We grabbed the same coffee, tried a few more of their sweets and even brought home a bag of their chocolate chips. Which they didn't last very long at all. Then I took a few sweet photos. Enjoy! 

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xo Dana