Not Just A Brand

Phew! How is it Cinco de Mayo already? It is like I blinked and April was gone! I don't know if it's just me or does everything happen all at once. I've been drawing, planning, ordering and barely treading water and you know what I wouldn't change a thing, well except for that head cold I got. Life these days are a bit crazy, a bit overwhelming and really challenging. I am a planner and an organizer but yet I was still spending more hours on certain projects and less on. The blog. So I am putting my foot down and not making this mistake again. Writing this blog to talk about my projects, my passions, my inspirations is so important to me yet it seems to be one of the lacking elements at Bundle It Home. That is about to change. 

I took some time to reflect how I want my readers to view the blog and my company. I am passionate about travel, love, family, friendship, architecture, design, and I mean let's be frank.. I could go on for days. I came to terms that I am the face behind the blog. It is NOT JUST A BRAND, it is a LIFESTYLE-curated to show my passion, my profession and how my heart skips a beat when I immerse myself in all things architecture and interior design. My goal is to capture what I find and love about whatever it may be, so that I can in-turn share it with you. It is not just about the side hustle it is my daily hustle from working a full time job to starting my business and everything in between. Welcome to the new revamped Bundle It Home blog were nothing is off limits!

xo Dana

Unknown Fact #1 [I sing all the time even played with a bunch of acoustic duos over the last 8 years. Take a listen here or check out facebook