Troy Architectural Series #1

The Julia Howard Bush Memorial Center

I've decided to do Troy Architectural series about my favorite buildings in the city. We live in such a historical area filled with such a great architectural history and like many we don't really know much about them or where they are located. So I figured I'd share a brief history of the building, show you some pictures and even talk about how my fashion plays a part in my busy lifestyle. 

Tell me about the structure?

It was constructed as the First Presbyterian Church in Troy, New York in 1836. Before Russell Sage College purchased the structure in 1975 to host community gatherings and events. 

Why was the structure named Julia Howard Bush Memorial Center?

The structure was renamed in honor of a longtime college trustee, who was also a member of the church.

Where is the structure located?

It's on Historical Sage Park- You can find it here! It so happened to be the 1st park in Troy and was even named Seminary Park before the rename. Why you ask? the Troy Female Seminary was in close proximity, it was later changed after Russell Sage College purchased it! 

Russell Sage College was established in what year?

1917, 4 years after Manory's Restaurant was established, you'll be able to get some more history on Manory's especially as Bundle It Home works on the Ellsworth Student Suites. [which is above the restaurant] [Completion date is June 2017]

Who's the Architect and what style is the structure?

The structure was designed and commissioned by Architect James Harris Dakin and so they say it is one of ten surviving examples of his work. The style of architecture is a hexastyle Greek Doric Temple. The original sanctuary is an appropriately classical counterpart to the exterior. Interior columns and pilasters are of the Ionic order. A shallow conferred dome capped by skylight cupola further enhances the interior. The grand hall includes three Tiffany stained glass windows, two signed and inscribed, and a massive pipe organ. So let's just say I would like to sing here [Secret Talent you can find here]!

What am I wearing?

My style has been evolving significantly as I go from the work day to busy weekends. When you are bouncing to a job site, drawing for hours or shopping for the coolest decor. Being comfortable is the way to be. Wandering around a construction site to figuring out how the heck to put all the stuff you bought into your car!

Lately I've been in love with a good t-shirt these days and a good pair of skinny jeans. I've found a few shirts at target that I can't get enough of and nothing compares to good pair of kicks. I've been digging new balance [old school] the ones I am wearing in the photo below are white on gray. It is definitely a different style for me but because it's universal, I can easily throw a pair of wedges on, grab a blazer and meet for a drink in the evening.

Check out the pictures below! 

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Happy Everything! <3 Dana