Summer POP

The forecast said sunshine and blue skies and it did not disappoint this weekend. Hello sun gods lets keep this streak going. I was trying to find a fun way to talk about bright summer colors and I thought who doesn’t love a good summer POPSICLE. Get your popsicles skills kick'n and cool off! 

Get inspired by these beautiful colors below but before you do that ask yourself these 3 questions. 

1] What color stands out to me more?

2] How does it make me feel?

3] If you selected your color what home decor would you have? [ ex. orange chair]

I’ll come back to those 3 questions in another post in which I get more into the psychology of color. So don’t forget them! There may just be the 1st ever GIVEAWAY! 

Happy Everything! <3 Dana

Links to the Popsicles in Order of Picture!

1] Cherry Limeade Popsicles 

2] Wine

3] Blackberry Maple Cream |Vegan|

4] Cucumber Mint

5] Spicy Tequila | you know I can't turn down a little Tequila|

Thank you The Paris Market for letting me take a few photos of your amazing popsicles!