Troy Architectural Series #2

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

I've decided to do Troy Architectural series about my favorite buildings in the city. We live in such a historical area filled with such great architectural history and like many we don't really know much about them or where they are located. So I figured I'd share a brief history about the building, show you some pictures and talk about how you should totally go visit it! 

Tell me about the structure?

It is a bank and a performance space in Troy, New York. It's currently owned by First Niagara Financial Group but it is run by a non-profit organization. It is known for it's renowned acoustics & an Odell concert organ. So yeah, you can tell why I picked it. Music playing, people singing and well it gives me all those feelings. 

Where is the structure located?

It's main entrance is located on 32 Second Street in Troy, NY and frames the corner of State and Second Street. 

When was the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall founded ? It was founded in 1823 but moved to a new location in 1870, We have to say thanks to the local community because the plans for the new building had to incorporate a music hall on the upper floors. It was completed in 1875 at a cost of $435,000. Just a quick fact if we took the inflation rate between 1870-2016, the cost of the building at $435,000 it would roughly be $7,676,000 today. Isn't that crazy?

Who's the Architect and what style is the structure?

I thought this was quite interesting how George B. Post was selected as the architect for the structure. He was selected as a default because he was known for his pioneer skills. Post was able to craft metals to simulate stone in a superstructure. He was a graduate of New York University working under Robert Morris Hunt and soon became a well-known architect in New York City in the mid 1800's. Post focused on his passion of Beaux- Arts & French Renaissance styles and showcased them in the Music Halls highly detailed decorations. The finished structure dominated over the surrounding buildings at six stories high. The bank had roughly 1/3 of the first floor and the rest of the square footage was miscellaneous offices. But above this rose the Music Hall at 106 feet long, 69 feet wide and a towering 61 feet high. Post as discussed in the above was a Pioneer man and even designed all of the staircases himself and had them constructed by Architectural Iron Works in New York City. Because of structural alternations the Second Street become the main entrance as it appears today, giving accessibility to both the Bank and the Music Hall. 

A few random facts about the structure?

As a Project Architect studying for my boards, building codes are the most important piece in developing, designing and constructing a building. So when the Music Hall was said to not be up to code, the Fire Marshall would stand on the stage before every performance shouting "There is absolutely no smoking in the hall. If you have to smoke, you can hit the streets at half time." I found this quite humorous as I took these photos below I just made it in time before people pushed thru the main doors for a half time break. 

I can't imagine every stair was made out of granite. It was grand and planned for concert goers to have the experience as they enter the hall. Can you imagine working on the construction side of this building and seeing these materials as "go to" materials of the 1900's. Now if we are lucky we use granite on our countertops! I'll say this statement over and over again. They do not make buildings like this anymore. 

My favorite part, The organ. "It is the nation’s largest nineteenth-century concert organ in original condition, and, indeed, it is one of the most distinguished surviving examples of a “golden age” in American organ building" cited by Scott Cantrell. Little did you know we are surrounded by Architecture in the city of Troy New York. I am such a romantic at heart and the fact that a building can be called a romantic organ building is quite powerful to say the least. The organ is literally known for shaking the building and well I'll end with that.

Go ahead book a concert here , take a stroll by this beautiful building and look in awe. 

I was able to get my cool research from Troy Savings Bank Music Hall and here!

Happy Everything!  <3 Dana

Check out the pictures below!